The Food Addictions Coach Certification and Training Course

The Addictions Academy is Accredited by CCE, Continuing Coach Education.

The Addictions Academy is Accredited by CCE, Continuing Coach Education.

Are you ready to help others tackle their food and sugar addictions or maybe you want to get a good handle on your own issues? Maybe you want to gain insight into how your mind works and kick your own food addiction? We all know that overeating, stress eating, and eating due to mood (bored, upset, angry, sad, etc.) can cause weight gain, depression, anxiety, poor body image, and more issues. The failed diet cycle only makes it worse, and we can help.  Our Food Addictions Coach Certification and Training Course has been around for almost 10 years and is the only Internationally Accredited course on the market.

Aimed at anyone in the health and wellness industry, this course is ideal for those who are seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition and take full advantage of the significant growth that the addictions  industry is currently experiencing. This Addictions Coach Certification will offer an additional stream of income  if you are a Therapist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Weight Loss Consultant, Health Coach, Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Life Coach, Addiction Coach or Doctor.

What will I learn?

  • The difference between emotional, chemical, and spiritual eating
  • Better results and recommendations for trainers, yoga teachers, and therapists
  • Standing out in a highly competitive health coach market
  • Become an expert in the field of addiction coaching
  • Food as Reward System
  • Breaking the cycle of addiction
  • Understanding triggers
  • Learning coping mechanisms
  • Chemical versus emotional cravings
  • Serotonin and Dopamine pathways

How will the course benefit my business?

  • Robust support system (we have the largest FB group online)
  • Breaking the cycle of generational trauma eating
  • Food Serenity- learn to love yourself
  • Reconnecting with self and who you really are
  • Living not just existing- how to say no to the overeating
  • Creating a brand new revenue stream
  • Creating a highly marketable niche

In this class we teach you how to help others AND get a handle on your own issues. Simply put, we get results.